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Protection you can trust from
Edern Security
Using your Mobile Phone or our Smart (GSM) Alarm System
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Hei-Julor instantly alerts:
  • Edern Security Services
  • Your Family and Neighbours (up to 10 of them.)
  • Our Partner Radio Stations
  • The Ghana Police Service

...when you flash or send a blank sms with your mobile phone, the alarm is triggered when thieves break into your house, when you press the panic button or your alarm device's remote control.



Hei-Julor!!! Regular, the barebones Hei-Julor!!! plan. Perfect for every pocket. Register up to 5 (five) unique phone numbers in your household that can trigger an alert, either via blank sms to the trigger number or flashing the same number.

GHS 50 monthly *GHS 600 YEARLY


Hei-Julor!!! Plus. Same as for for Hei-Julor Regular, but with the added benefit of insurance from Enterprise Insurance. Claims of up to GHS 15000.

GHS 62.50 monthly *GHS 750 YEARLY


Hei-Julor!!! Premium. All the goodness of Hei-Julor!!! Regular and Plus, with added security devices to ensure maximum protection, even when you're away from home. Comes with a flashing siren, motion detectors, door and window sensors, a central alarm panel, panic button and remote control.

GHS 82.50 monthly *GHS 990 YEARLY

* after initial set up price.




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what they say

I heard about Hei-Julor!!! from a friend, thought it was just another of those gimmicks we hear about all the time in the media. That was until my friend almost got robbed, but for Hei-Julor!!!. His alram system went off, i got an SMS and a call a few seconds after, telling me my friend was in distress. I rushed to the house only to meet the police and Edern Security team already on the premises. I have Hei-Julor!!! now, i fell safer and just the wall sticker out front, has made my home undesirable to thieves
Radio Personality
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Elderly Couple
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Hei-Julor!!! Regular Customer

Get yourself Hei-Julor!!!

Get yourself Hei-Julor!!! from the comfort of your home.
1. Declare your interest

 Call 0202402288/0202402290 to get Hei-Julor!!!,
Send an email to the Hei-Julor!!! team from the contact form on this website.
You can pick up a Hei-Julor!!! starter pack from A&C Mall, East Legon. 

2. Sign Up

 A Hei-Julor!!! sales agent, will visit your premises to talk you through and help you register for Hei-Julor!!! 

3. Provide your details

 You will receive a call from the Hei-Julor!!! Call Centre to request for your details. Alternatively a form can be sent to your via email, for you to fill out and email back to the Call Centre. 

4. GPS

 Upon receipt of your details, an Edern Security team will visit your residence/business to confirm directions and take GPS coordinates to ensure pinpoint accuracy of your location. 

5. Activation

 Once you're activated, soon after your GPS is taken by Edern Security, confirm receipt of two SMS indicating the expiry date of your chosen package and your activation.
These messages will be sent to all the numbers allowed to trigger an alert in your household.
Also confirm from your 10 friends and neighbours if they all received messages from Hei-Julor!!!. 

6. How to Trigger

 You are now activated on Hei-Julor!!!. To trigger, either flash the emergency number, or send a blank SMS to the same number. Help will be on it's way. 

stay tuned

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Hei-Julor!!! Emergency Alert System

Phone: +233 202 40 22 88 / +233 202 40 22 90
Email: /
Address: Quartey Papafio Ave, Accra, Ghana
Post: theSOFTtribe Limited. PMB CT 208, Accra, Ghana

Work hours

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm